RAVES & FAVES: J., Our Colorado Weed Correspondent

RAVES & FAVES: J., Our Colorado Weed Correspondent


After extensive personal research, I’ve come up with my top five videos from THE GOLDEN AGE OF MUSIC VIDEO that I feel are best viewed on legal weed. (El Diablo+Grape Stomper Hybrid, for the record. I think it’s Sativa but it sure felt a little Indica-ish.)

1. Dinosaur Jr. “Just Like Heaven”
Head-banging Sesame Street Muppets? I think I could probably just watch this video five times in a row and be done with it.

2. Culture Club “Karma Chameleon”
Dancing on a riverbank during the darkest days of the Reconstruction. The video is just laced with profound metaphor. Bare, pale English legs, hard-working men unloading a river skiff; you could write a dissertation.

3. Tony Carey “It’s a Fine, Fine Day”
There just aren’t enough videos out there about La Cosa Nostra, redemption, and justice. Nothing helps a buzz progress like a good mafia story. On a sidenote, I think Sebastian Bach borrowed his dramatic lip-sync chops from Tony Carey. The similarities are striking.

4. Musical Youth “Pass the Dutchie”

5. David Bowie “Blue Jean”
The first fifteen minutes of this video are a lame attempt at comedy by Bowie, so I figure that after watching the first four videos, you’re going to need an O’dell’s 90 Schilling or some other heady Colorado craft brew before continuing, and maybe a bathroom break or a run to the kitchen for the other half of your Chipotle burrito. And when you return to the couch and the long, arduous lead-up has ended, this is actually a pretty good Bowie pop song. His 3D makeup is pretty trippy, too.