RAVES & FAVES: Champagne Jerry (aka Neal Medlyn)

RAVES & FAVES: Champagne Jerry (aka Neal Medlyn)

Hip hop’s latest downtown darling, Champagne Jerry, gives us his five favorite videos and the reasons behind his picks.

Faves & Raves:

L7 – Pretend We’re Dead
I’ve always loved this fucking crazy L7 live TV performance. They take off their pants, which I’ve been known to do. Just super fun good times.

Geto Boys – My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me
That Geto Boys album cover, them posing in a hospital hallway, is just fucking crazy. Plus, they were the first Texas rappers I ever heard.

Stax Records Tour of Norway in 1967
This whole thing just blew my mind. All those bands touring together and then Otis Redding driving everyone nuts and disappearing and reappearing from behind a curtain at the end, the crowd rushing the stage… Just the greatest show business video.

Beastie Boys – rooftop Paul’s Boutique record release party
The Dixieland band, how hung over and tired everyone looks, the skywriting… This video is what the high life / making it big looks like to me. This and having enough money to hire a professional to stretch me before I go onstage.

Tone Loc – Wild Thing
I loved this video. I loved that record player on a guitar strap thing. I wanted it really bad and basically still do. Then the bad camera, the disinterested women who wander over from the Robert Palmer video, all of it. Plus, it’s about sex.