David Lee Roth’s Sunglasses and the “California Girls” Color Palette

David Lee Roth’s Sunglasses and the “California Girls” Color Palette

With the reformation of Van Halen in its latest throwback edition (with Edward, Alex and Wolfgang forming what frontman Diamond Dave calls, “three parts original, one part inevitable”), the consummate blonde lead singer that is David Lee Roth has discovered the indulgences of the internet and is finally making it work for him rather than against.

The “California Girls” record sleeve, with David Lee Roth in sunglasses. No actual post-production was conducted on the beach.

In a strange web series entitled “The Roth Show,” Dave does what Dave does best. He talks. And talks and talks. And sometimes there’s a point or an experience or an insight. And sometimes it’s that skittley be-bop scatting that Dave trademarked in the latter part of the 20th Century when he was the self-appointed Toastmaster General of the Immoral Majority.

In this episode, Dave talks about shooting music videos somewhat vaguely, but then gets specific on how his sunglasses affected the post-production color correction in the “California Girls” music video. Dave was there, so I guess we have to take his word for it.

Check it out, along with the “California Girls” video — but blink on the second one, and you’ll miss actress Jane Leeves, now a castmate of former Mrs. Van Halen Valerie Bertinelli on Hot in Cleveland.