80sOnVEVO Takeover: The First Week

80sOnVEVO Takeover: The First Week


THE GOLDEN AGE OF MUSIC VIDEO is now partnering with the folks at VEVO (the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform) through a weekly curation of the 80sOnVEVO YouTube page. Each week, we’ll be unpacking the trunks and combing the shelves of the VEVO video vault to spotlight all-time favorites, award winners and lost gems from the decade of decadence. We’ll also supplement the curation with info and/or commentary about our weekly batch of clips right here. Each week we’ll also pick a FEATURED VIDEO to jump start things.

This week’s 80sOnVEVO FEATURED VIDEO is Dan Hartman’s “I Can Dream About You”, a video we covered in our recent interview with Mykelti Williamson. He told us what it was like to be a member of the Sorels, the fictional band from the film STREETS OF FIRE that was featured in the video and often mistaken for Dan Hartman and his band.

Rick Springfield “Bop Til You Drop”
This one was directed by David Fincher, and Rick recalls the experience in his autobiography. Here’s a taste.

Cameo “Candy”
This codpiece-friendly clip was one of the first music videos shot in high definition, by auteur Zbigniew Rybczynski.

Journey “Separate Ways”
Director Tom Buckholz comes clean in this “WTF?” interview.

Bruce Springsteen “I’m on Fire”
Director John Sayles recalls shooting this one, with his wife actually playing the love interest.

Til Tuesday “Voices Carry”
An iconic clip for Aimee Mann & company, with a recent update poking fun at it.

The Fixx “Saved By Zero”
Lead singer/songwriter Cy Curnin remembers this one from director Brian Grant.

AC/DC “Thunderstruck”
Director David Mallet gives us a few thoughts on AC/DC’s most watched online video.

Berlin “No More Words”
This ode to Bonnie & Clyde was a labor of love (or maybe lust) for lead singer Terri Nunn.

Michael Jackson “Liberian Girl”
Did you know that David Spade got dumped out of this video by the Gloved One himself?

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