RAVES & FAVES: Corey Feldman

RAVES & FAVES: Corey Feldman


We asked Corey Feldman to pick some of his RAVES & FAVES from The Golden Age of Music Video. Here’s what he came up with:

“Smooth Criminal” is definitely at the top of the list. “Thriller” and “Bad”, both longform, were brilliant, and incredible in concept.

I also enjoy some of the very early clips. People think that MTV started it, when in actuality, music video started way before that. The Beatles did clips for “Rain” and “Paperback Writer”. Once again, the Beatles were responsible for starting everything! Those were some of my favorites, just for the fact that they were the first.

I’ll never forget the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”. I never forget what an amazing video that was. Absolutely brilliant, making fun of the old 1970s television shows.

A lot of Madonna’s work in video was great, and even Van Halen’s early hits. “Hot For Teacher” was always a video I loved.

Tom Petty’s great too.