RAVES & FAVES: Terri Nunn of Berlin

RAVES & FAVES: Terri Nunn of Berlin


Berlin’s Terri Nunn has long enjoyed her role as a pioneer of synthpop sexiness in modern music. Her band’s multilevel musical journeys into the sensuality of heartache and desire during the 1980s gained ground on MTV and in the charts with signature hits like “The Metro”, “Sex (I’m A…)”, “No More Words”, and the Academy Award-winning “Take My Breath Away” from 1986’s Top Gun. Terri & company just released their latest CD, Animal, which updates the take on their electro-jam roots, with Nunn’s lyrics exploring physical bliss and delving into deeper emotional connections.

We asked Terri by email to tell us a bit about the new album, the lyrics to “Take My Breath Away”, and the five videos that make her RAVES & FAVES list.

1. What can Berlin fans expect from new album?

Terri Nunn: Sexuality, dancing, raw emotion and great music. And some
empowering messages. You’ll hear the Berlin you know but with a lot of new sounds too.


2. What’s your favorite song on the new album?

TN: Toss-up between “Animal” and “Mom”. “Animal” because it was the beginning of my writing partnership with Derek (Cannavo); it exploded out of us in two days. “Mom” is the first song I’ve ever written about her in my life. I decided to be completely honest.

3. Is there still no answer to what “Take My Breath Away” really means? (Nunn discussed this in an earlier interview with THE GOLDEN AGE OF MUSIC VIDEO)

TN: I still don’t have a clue. That song’s brilliant because it becomes whatever the listener wants it to be about. For me, it’s about loneliness and longing, that wishing-on-a-star feeling that maybe I could have that kind of love too someday.

4. What are your five RAVES & FAVES music videos and why DO you love them?

1. “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor.
Because the whole video was just her face, singing.

2. “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel.
Loved the animation on his face.

3. “Take On Me” by a-Ha.
Loved that animation too.

4. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.
Raised the bar.

5. “No More Words” by Berlin.
I suggested it because I got my first kiss watching Bonnie & Clyde. The video came out even better than I hoped.

Check out all the latest on Terri Nunn & Berlin at their website.